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Zalin Grant is an American journalist and author who lives in a l5th-century farm house in the heart of France with his wife Claude, a Parisian whose family roots in the village go back hundreds of years.

Reports from the Heart of France

  • Each Letter revolves around the daily lifestyle of people in a small French village a thousand years old. Luckily, things haven't changed much over the centuries when it comes to food, wine, and good living.

  • Each Letter often includes at least one recipe provided by the villagers themselves. Why are there more healthy men and women over eighty in the village than in most similar places in the world? Maybe it's the water. Or could it be the food and wine? Decide for yourself.

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Letter 1: The Beginning: A Funeral
Letter 2: Eating the Wild Boar
Letter 3: Wife of a Country Doctor
Letter 4: The Real Deal--Movies or Cheese?
Letter 5: Notes from the Summer
Letter 6: My Last Hunt
Letter 7: The Model Surgeon
Letter 8: The War and I
Letter 9: Living the Longest
Letter 10: The Village Winemaker
Letter 11: The War and I--Part 2
Letter 12: A Slice of Old France
Letter 13: Honoring a WWII Pilot
Letter 14: The War and I--Part 3
Letter 15: La Fete: Oysters and Foie Gras
Letter 16: Two French Weddings and a Third