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War Story 1. Who Murdered the CIA Chief?
War Story 2. The Day John McCain Got Shot Down
War Story 3. POWs Left Behind in Indochina
War Story 4. The War and I
War Story 5. Honoring a WWII Pilot
War Story 6. VIETNAM’S WORST POW CAMP - Part One
War Story 7. VIETNAM’S WORST POW CAMP - Part Two
War Story 8. Pham Xuan An: Vietnam’s Top Spy
War Story 9. The Sean Flynn I Knew
War Story 10. Vann Nath: Eyewitness to Genocide
War Story 12. Torture I've Seen
War Story 13. Living With General Sherman
War Story 14. Mary Meyer: A Highly Suspicious Death
War Story 15 (English). GAMEL WOOLSEY: Eyewitness to the Spanish Civil War
War Story 15 (French). GAMEL WOOLSEY: Témoignage sur la guerre civile espagnole
War Story 16. The True Phoenix: Vietnam's Big Misunderstanding
War Story 17. Search for Missing Newsmen