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The CIA and the Political Defeat of the United States in Vietnam
By Zalin Grant
(ISBN 0-393-02925-5)
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Raves & Reviews
FACING THE PHOENIX is an unsettling book, telling us things we still didn't know and forcing us to think on new levels . . . the result of a monumental research and reporting job . . . and the result of astonishing evenhandedness . . ."
--The Washington Monthly

"FACING THE PHOENIX is a prodigious work of interviewing and research that earns a place on the shelf of important books about America's misadventure in Vietnam."
--The New York Times Sunday Book Review

Perhaps the highest rave for Facing the Phoenix comes from the Vietnamese communists themselves, who pirated, translated, and published Facing the Phoenix in Ho Chi Minh City--one of the very few books about the war by an American author to be published in Vietnam. Of course they edited out the parts that were critical of the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese. And, somehow, they forgot to get our copyright permission or to send us any royalties after they sold the work to the Vietnamese public.

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