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Everything You Need to Know About Flying (Abroad)
But were Afraid to Ask (For Fear of Sounding Like a Bumpkin)

By Zalin Grant
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From Acapulco to Zurich and everyplace in-between,
FLYING SMART tells you everything you need to know about flying abroad----

1. What is FLYING SMART about?

FLYING SMART is a reader-friendly guide to international travel, filled with the author's own true adventures while visiting 80 countries.

2. How is FLYING SMART different from other "how-to-get-there" books?

Because it is an up close and personal account of war correspondent and world traveler, Zalin Grant, who writes with the neighborly good humor of Garrison Keillor blended with the sharp-eyed reporting of Dan Rather.

3. Well, what are Zalin Grant's credentials for writing this book?

He's got over one million miles of international air travel to his credit.

4. Besides those going abroad for the first time, who else could use FLYING SMART?

Students, parents, families with kids, people with pets, business travelers, retirees, tour groups, and senior citizens.

5. How about the size of the book? I don't want anything bulky to lug around.

That's what's so great about it! It's so compact it can fit into a suit pocket, briefcase, backpack or even a small purse.

6. I'm a frequent flyer. Why would I need a copy of FLY ING SMART?

The Library Journal says: "There is much to learn for those who have never flown and even something for veteran travelers."

7. Like what?

  • Why it's better to have tacky looking luggage.

  • How to design your diet days before your flight.

  • How to plan to "sit smart."

  • How to avoid jet lag.

  • How not to get caught in that "change money" rip-off when you land.

8. I've been reading a lot about passengers yelling and cursing and having food fights on international flights! What's going on here?

Zalin Grant says, "A big part of the problem is a lot of people who fly domestic think they know what's going to happen on an international flight, and they don't. It's very different. So they're overcome by stress. But, they can nip it in the bud by reading FLYING SMART."

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