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The Two of Us
Forbidden Tales of the French Erotique
edited and translated by Zalin Grant
U.S.A. $25 ISBN 0-9648736-2-1 Publication Date 6/99

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Two erotic tales, these are French classics from the 1920s making their first appearance in English. Nous Deux (The Two of Us) was one of the most beautiful books published before World War Two, but only much later did the real names of its author and illustrator become known: two respected figures of the Paris art and literary world.

Who but the French would think to set a tale of seduction around a young Latin tutor named Jean and Nelly, his 19-year-old student? The 28 illustrations by Jean Dulac harmonize the tone of whimsy and sophistication found in the text by Marcel Volataire.

The second tale, Les Caprices du Sexe, was written by Renee Dunan, author of 50 novels. She was called an anarchist, individualist, and pacifist during her lifetime. Ms. Dunan was clearly a liberated woman who relished shocking her male colleagues by claiming complete equality in all matters, especially when it came to sex.

Les Caprices du Sexe is described as the first modern erotic novel written by a woman. In fact, some critics contend that her unblushing descriptions of sex transport it to the realm of pornography. But as one critic noted, she only gives the illusion of following the male formula for such writing in order to impose "un philosophie de femme." The aristocratic protagonist of her work, Louise, is never a sexual victim of men but an unrepentant user.

Gerda Wegener was a liberated woman of another sort who used her cross-dressing husband and fellow artist as a model in twelve erotic watercolors that were included in a rare portfolio of 1920s erotic poetry. Her aquarelles have become highly sought-after works of erotica. They are presented here to America for the first time, in full color.

Taken together, tales and illustrations, The Two of Us is one of the finest collections of erotica ever published.

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